[PART ONE deals with Radio Frequency (RF) Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMFs), (which include microwave frequencies]

Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) or Power line (60 Hz)
Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMFs) – known as “ELF EMFs

World-renowned scientists disagree with electric power utilities and anyone else who says that we are safe in our homes, schools, places of work, communities, etc. from radiation! On the contrary, they say that most of the twentieth century diseases of civilization, including cancers, birth defects, depression, learning disabilities, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome as well as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and suicide parallel the growth of residential electrification. Dr. Sam Milham, MD, MPH, the first scientist to warn the world about the frightening link between occupational exposure to EMFs and disease, also stated that: “In 1930, female breast cancer had an 80% correlation with residential electrification”! [1] [2] [3]

Health Canada is – and has been for decades – deeply imbedded with the four Western-aligned radiation ‘Regulatory Agencies’: the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), the International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety (ICES) – which is a committee of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) - and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). All five agencies are responsible for establishing what are supposed to be ‘safe’ Exposure Limits or ‘Guidelines’ to protect the public from both radio frequency (RF) and extremely low frequency (ELF, i.e. 60 Hz) electric and magnetic fields (EMFs).


With respect to ELF radiation, invisible electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) exist, separately, in anything in which alternating current (A/C) electrical current flows, e.g., high voltage transmission and residential distribution lines, substations, step-down transformers, ‘Smart’ Meters, ‘Smart’ appliances, household 60 Hz electricity, electrical appliances, tools, machinery, electronics, motorized vehicles, etc.


Electric power utilities are the cornerstone of any industrialized economy. In 2014, British Columbia’s largest crown corporation, BC Hydro and Power Corp., had revenues of almost $5-billion, which is indicative of the influence it has on any BC government! For many decades, the electric power industry has fought tooth and tail to suppress any notion that there might be a dark side to electricity. Tragically for all North Americans - not just Canadians – today’s media oligopoly does not allow us to know the truth!


Proof That We Are Being Harmed!

Explanation. The ‘strength’ of any ELF magnetic field (explained above) in our homes, places of work, etc. is measured in what are called “milliGauss” (mG), meaning thousands of a Gauss (‘Gauss’ being the scientist’s name credited with discovering magnetic fields). The smaller the number of mG, the safer it is for people; the larger the number, the more likely people will experience some illness, e.g., leukemia, cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ALS etc.! Compare what Dr. Neil Cherry (1946-2003) or Dr. Sam Milham, two of the world’s leading experts, have said are ‘safe’ levels of magnetic fields to that which HC and its four Western-aligned radiation agencies tell us is safe! Canada’s entire medical community should be made aware of this! [4] [5]   

                           Non-Industry Scientists Say

0.1 mG     is the desired level for homes, schools and the workplace!
<0.2 mG   is the maximum level he recommended for schools!
<1 mG      is the maximum level he considered ‘safe’ for the general public!
<1 mG      is considered by scientists to be a ‘safe’ level for homes by scientists.
>3 mG      is known to be associated with leukemia in children
<3 mG      is the current US Industry standard. [6]

            Health Canada and its Regulatory Agency Allies Say

2,000 mG (for the public) and 10,000 mG (occupational) --------- says ICNIRP [7]
2,000 mG (for the public) and 10,000 mG (occupational) --------- says the WHO
               (even though, in 2002, its own International Agency
               For Research on Cancer (IARC) classified ELF
               magnetic fields a Class 2B (“Possible”) carcinogen
!) [8]
2,000 mG (for the public) and 10,000 mG (occupational) -----------says the UK

9,040 mG (for the public) ----------------------------------------------------says the IEEE [9]              
No ceiling required -------------------------------------------------says USA Federal Gov’t [10]
No ceiling required -------------------------------------------------says Health Canada! [11]
         (Note: The revised SC6 (2015) still applies only to frequencies above 3 kHz! [12]

Non-Industry Scientists Have Long Known That:

·        ELF (60 Hz) magnetic fields:

Ø  Reduce the production of melatonin in humans and animals.  [13] [14] [15] [16]

Ø  Greatly enhance the growth of cancer cells! [17 [18] [19] [20] [21]

Ø  Inhibit the effectiveness of Tamoxifen in the treatment of cancers [22] [23]

·        Alzheimer’s disease is linked to reduced melatonin production in the
elderly [24] 

·        Night shift workers have about a 50% increased risk of breast cancer! [25]


·        Childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia is attributable to residential electrification, 75% of which, and 60 % of all childhood leukaemia, may be preventable." [26]

·        In 2007, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), an agency of the WHO, classified night-shift work a Class 2A Probable carcinogen [27] [28]


·        There are over 70 studies showing that EMR across the spectrum increases the incidence of brain tumour.  [29] 


·        Overhead high voltage lines can easily lower property values 15% to 25% and even up to 90%! [30]

·        In Nov. 2015, the largest epidemiological study of its kind concluded that power frequency (60 Hz) magnetic fields “can promote cancer!” [31]

·        Since May, 2015, at least 220 scientists from 42 countries have signed the “International EMF Scientists Appeal” calling on the United Nations, all UN-member nations and the WHO to: “Protect mankind, animals and plant life from EMFs generated by electric and wireless devices.” They stressed the need to protect children and pregnant women! [32]

·        In 2015, the Government of France banned the use of Wi-Fi in kindergartens across the country; urged Wi-Fi in all schools to be turned off when not actually in use, and adopted other measures to protect the public more. [33]


·        On July 9, 2014, 53 Scientists from 18 countries condemn Safety Code 6 (SC6) and call on HC to intervene to help avoid an emerging health crisis! [34]

·        In 2014, the US Dept. of the Interior said that FCC’s guidelines are out of date as their EMR / EMF standards are based only on thermal heating. (This comment applies equally to HC’s SC6, ICNIRP, the WHO, IEEE/ICES and FCC.) [35]

·        In 2014, other distinguished scientists have said that ELF EMFs also cause, promote or are linked to adult leukaemia, adult brain tumours, ALS (motor neurone disease), miscarriage & adverse birth outcomes, depression & depressive symptoms, Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer [36]

·        In 2011, the Council of Europe (47 countries, 800-million people) urged all its members to ‘reconsider’ ICNIRP’s Exposure Limits as they have serious limitations and, instead, apply “As Low As Reasonably Achievable” or ALARA! (Note: ICNIRP’s limits are similar to those of HC, the WHO, IEEE and FCC!) [37]


·        In 2011, Dr. Magda Havas, Ph.D., one of Canada’s most internationally-respected authorities on Radio Frequency (RF) and ELF EMFs, has stated: “Regulators, government agencies, utilities, manufacturers, architects and builders, health authorities, hospitals and medical centers, parents, school boards and the media need to take proactive action now to protect human health from excessive exposures to EMFs.” (See the list of 16 International Resolutions and Appeals calling for lower (safer) levels of electric and magnetic fields. [38] [39]  


·        In 2008 - Many leading scientists have called the whole mass irradiation of human populations the largest involuntary biological experiment ever on the human race and the one most likely to endanger its future.  [40]      

·        In 2007, IARC (the International Agency for Research on Cancer) classified night-shift work as a Class 2A Probable carcinogen. Workers have about a 50% increase in breast cancer.  [41]


·        In 2005, five rooms in the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office had to be vacated due to high EMFs: 20-30 mG! Which is 10 times higher than allowable limits! [42]

·        In 2005, the UK Government’s Health Protection Agency-Radiation Protection (HPA RPD) formerly known as the NRPB, admitted that magnetic fields at the power levels of 4 mG doubles the risk of contracting leukaemia, while other European countries have brought down their power levels to 10 or 20 mG, the UK remain 100 times higher. They also admit that they have known about this for over 3 years.” [43]

·        In 2005, Finnish EMF doctors urged the European Parliament to act promptly for the adoption of new EMF standards to protect members of the EU. Physicians and researchers want the standards recommended by ICNIRP to be abandoned because recent studies show they are too high! (This referred specifically to RF not ELF) [44]

·        In 2002, the WHO’s IARC classified powerline (60 Hz) magnetic fields a Class 2B (“Possible”) carcinogen. [45]

·        In 2002, world-famous scientist Dr. Neil Cherry’s (1946 – 2003) recommended the following maximum magnetic field for 50/60 Hz environments: Not more than 1 mG for the general public; not more than 0.2 mG for the school environment. Desirable levels in homes, schools and workplaces should be 0.1 mG. [46]    


·        In 2001, the same Dr. Neil Cherry explained that ELF EMFs: “…. whose frequencies, harmonics and sub-harmonics coincide with the range of frequencies used by our brains, hearts and cells. Subtly and at extremely low intensities, they strongly interact, through resonant absorption, with primary functions of our bodies with significant elevations in depression, sickness and death.” He also said: “We need absolute proof positive of the harmful effects of EM radiation on living systems. We have it! The key is that the effects of radiation are CUMULATIVE – I repeat CUMULATIVE! It can take 10 – 20 – 30 or even more years for the damage to become apparent. It can even be handed down through generations. These things we know.”  [47]

·        In 2001, 21 scientists from 10 countries unanimously find that ELF electric and magnetic fields are a Class 2B (“Possible”) carcinogen! (Canada’s Dr. Maria Stuchly remained unconvinced; ‘Exponent’s Dr. William Bailey, of the USA, was a voting MEMBER, and the WHO’s now infamous Dr. Michael Repacholi attended as an observer.) [48]

·        In 2001, a new and innovative US epidemiological study found up to a six-fold increased risk of spontaneous abortions among women exposed to magnetic fields of 16mG or greater. [49]

·        In 2000, two-time Nobel Prize in Medicine nominee Robert O. Becker, M. D., author of both “Cross Currents” and “The Body Electric” said: “I have no doubt that at the present time the greatest polluting element in the earth’s environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields.” [50]


·        In 2000, Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D. also said: “….scientific evidence is absolutely conclusive that 50-60 Hz magnetic fields cause human cancer cells to permanently increase their rate of growth by as much as 1600% and to develop more malignant characteristics!” [also 50]


·        In 2000, the US electric utilities’ own research arm: the Electric Power and Research Institute (EPRI) released a study done by Kavet, et. al, printed in Bioelectromagnetics 21:538-553 (2000) that found that the contact current caused by the present system is very likely a cause of childhood leukemia! [51]   


·        In 1998, the US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) classified ELF EMF a “Possible Carcinogen,” based on 100 epidemiological studies that showed an association between residential and occupational EMF exposure and many types of cancer. The association between EMF exposure and childhood cancer is especially strong. [52]


·        In 1998, Professor William Leiss of the School of Policy Studies at Queens University, Kingston, said at the International Seminar on EMF Risk Perception and Communication in Ottawa, Ontario, August 31 – September 1, 1998: “As far as public outrage was concerned "We ain't seen nothing yet!" "Be warned. Stop denying there is a risk. Stop claiming there are no biological effects. Because there are”! [53] [54]


·        In 1997, the New Zealand Herald reported that New Zealand researchers have linked high-tension power lines – already associated with higher rates of leukemia among children – to asthma and depression in adults. The ground-breaking research suggests that people living within 20m of high-voltage lines are three times as likely to suffer from asthma and twice as likely to have major depression. The study also indicates that these people have a higher incidence of diabetes and are twice as likely to suffer from immune-related illnesses such as allergies and dermatitis. [55] [56]

·        A 1996 study of cancers in 30,000 hydro workers by the U. of Toronto showed electric fields could be carcinogenic. Those exposed to high levels of both magnetic and electric fields (EMF) had 11 times the Leukemia rates of non-exposed workers!

·        In 1995, the Oct. 7 issue of New Scientist published a leaked US National Council on Radiation Protection report funded by the Environmental Protection Agency, written by 11 leading US experts in EMFs, said that the report recommends an EMF safety limit of 2 mG. Its findings represent a fundamental challenge to the electricity industry. The authors say that their recommendations, if accepted, could force ‘complex and costly’ changes in society’s use of electricity.” [also 57] [58]

·        In 1995, the American Journal of Epidemiology reported that utility workers have a greater chance of dying of brain cancer. The results demonstrated that workers with the highest EMF exposures had more than a two-and-a-half times greater chance of dying of brain cancer than the least exposed workers. [59] [60]

·        In 1994, the Swedish government made public the results of a 25 year study (1960-1985) of ELF EMFs saying: "We suspect magnetic fields may pose certain risks to health, but we cannot be certain ….. It recommended against locating new homes and schools near existing electricity generating plants and proposes that high magnetic fields in homes, schools, and workplaces be limited. It also said electric fields from overhead power lines generate cancer in children 4 times normal rate and 3 times normal rate in adults. [61] [62]

·        In 1994, a McGill University study of Hydro Quebec found up to a 10-fold increased risk of developing lung cancer amongst utility workers most exposed to high frequency transients (HFTs) with a “very clear” exposure-response relationship. Hydro-Quebec refused to allow further analysis and buried the report! [63] [64]

·        In 1993, further Nordic studies were published and a combined analysis supported the link between ELF magnetic fields and childhood leukaemia at field levels above 2 mG to 3 mG!  Other studies indicate other illnesses e.g. headaches, depression, suicide, myalgias, asthenias, leucocyte count disturbance leading to impaired immune response, etc. [65]

·        A 1992 Danish study conducted by Dr. Jorgen H. Olsen found a five-fold increase in the risk of childhood leukemia, lymphomas and brain tumours where children living near power lines were exposed to 4 mG. [66]

·        In 1990, the American Journal of Epidemiology published a study on electric blankets which demonstrated a quadrupling of brain tumors among children whose mothers slept under electric blankets during the first trimester of pregnancy! [67]

·        In 1990, the U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) stated in a draft report: “Power line EMFs should be classified a Probable carcinogen!” The recommendation, which could have set off a costly chain of regulatory actions, was deleted from the final draft after review by the White House Office of Policy Development.” [68] [69]

·        In 1990, a director of the EPA said in a Fortune magazine article: “In all my years of looking at chemicals, I have never seen a set of epidemiological studies that remotely approached the weight of evidence that we’re seeing with ELF EMFs. Clearly there is something here!” [70]


·        In 1989, a Johns Hopkins University report showed that male telephone cable splicers have a higher than average risk of leukemia and lymphoma, as well as lung, prostate, colon, and even breast cancer. [71]

·        In 1989, Dr. John Dennis, while Assistant Director of the UK’s National Radiation Protection Bureau issued a statement which, in part, said: "…. if the link is real then EM fields may be responsible for up to 15% of all childhood cancers, but as childhood cancer is a comparatively rare disease the increased risks, if real, are within the levels generally regarded as acceptable." [72]


·        In 1988, studies of hydro-electric company workers showed that those exposed to 60-Hz fields had an incidence of brain tumors 13 times greater than that in a comparable unexposed group! [73]

·        In 1988 – Cancer studies of workers - Compelling Evidence! A study by Preston-Martin and Peters found that electric welders developed leukemia 25 times more often than non-welders. [74]

·        In 1987, the New York State Power Line Project report said possibly 10 to 15% of all childhood cancer cases in the U.S.A. might be attributable to power frequency magnetic fields of around 2.5 mG and above! [75]


·        In 1986, Swedish Dr Lennart Tomenius published his report on ELF EMFs which found that for magnetic fields over 3 mG the chance of getting cancer was more than doubled. For brain tumours the increase was almost four-fold! [also 75]

·        In 1985, a 25-year Swedish study of 500,000 people living within 300 meters of high voltage lines found that children under 15 were 2.7 times more likely to contract leukemia when exposed to magnetic fields greater than 2 mG, and 3.8 times when exposed to 3 mG! [76]   


·        Since at least 1979 scientists have known that EMFs damage DNA and enhance cell death rates and therefore they are a Ubiquitous Universal Genotoxic Carcinogen. They cause not only leukemia in children but also cancers, cardiac, reproductive and neurological disease and death in human populations. [77]

·        In 1979, the first scientist to study and document the harmful effects of ELF magnetic fields on children, epidemiologist, Dr. Nancy Wertheimer, assisted by physicist, Ed Leeper, found that it causes, promotes or is linked to leukemia) [78]

·        In or about 1979, Paul Demers, working with Dr. David Thomas’s research group at the Hutchinson center, found that telephone linemen, electricians and electric power workers have six times the expected rate of male breast cancer – a statistically significant increase. For radio and communications workers, the risk was almost tripled. Overall there was a doubling of the cancer risk for all EMF-exposed workers. [79]


·        Since at least 1972, Soviet studies showed harmful effects to workers’ central nervous system, the heart and circulatory system. [80] [81]   


The Politics of EMF - Corruption and Suppression of the Truth


By the mid-1960s, the US power industry had obtained copies of Soviet studies on the biological effects of non-ionizing radiation from ELF EMFs, but technologically-ignorant, gullible, naïve and/or corrupt governments, aided by a sinfully silent news media, have been duped by industry to suppress the truth in order to avoid crippling class-action law suits and prohibitive re-engineering and construction costs to rectify the situation – both of which are inevitable! [82] [83]

Industrialized societies depend on electrification, and electric utilities constitute the cornerstone of any modern economy, provincial or national. Tragically for democracy, in most jurisdictions electric power utilities enjoy no competition. Consequently, they are able to exert undue influence on non-technical politicians running revenue-hungry governments. It is regrettable but understandable that Nicola Tesla, the inventor of alternating current (A/C), did not foresee that A/C electricity brought with it EMFs which scientists from around the world have proven are harmful to humans and all life forms.  

               The EMF ‘Cartel’ – Which Includes Electric Power Utilities

Even superficially, the ‘closeness’ of this powerful ‘cartel’ can be seen from the sponsors of the International Seminar on EMF Risk Perception and Communication” held in Ottawa,  Aug. 31-Sept. 1, 1998. They were: the WHO – led by the now infamous Dr. Michael Repacholi (see below); Health Canada; Industry Canada; the Faculty of Medicine University of Ottawa (whose responsibilities have since been transferred to the R. Samuel McLaughlin Centre – see Krewski, below); the CTIA (Cellular Telephone Industry Association) - who lobby all governments across the USA on behalf of its wireless/telecom member companies; the CWTA (Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association) - who lobby all governments across Canada on behalf of its member companies; B.C. Hydro; Ontario Hydro, and Hydro Québec - - at which appeared Dr. William F. Bailey (before he joined Exponent Inc. See below). Incidentally, since 2008, the President and CEO of CWTA is none other than fluently-bilingual Bernard Lord, QC, ONB, two-time Premier of NB. Interestingly, Bernard Lord is also Chairman of Ontario Power Generation, as of April, 2014! Insiders say he is on the ‘short-list’ of candidates to succeed former Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Few doors across Canada will not open for him.


Dr. William Bailey is, and has been since about 2000, a Principal consulting scientist with Exponent Inc. of the USA, a product-defense firm that represents electric utility companies and governments globally. He is also a Member of IEEE/ICES’s military-dominated TC-95. In fact, he and HC’s own Dr. Art Thansandote (below) were two participants in the 2005 group that established the USA’s still egregiously high RF EMF Exposure Limits! (Which were very similar to HC’s SC6!)  [84A] [84B] [84C]

Dr James McNamee, of HC, is also a Member of TC-95, as are other HC and Industry Canada scientists.  It was he who declared before a Quebec Superior Court judge in February 2013 that SC6 applied only to thermal EMF (whereas all of today’s consumer RF devices and Smart Meters emit NON-thermal EMF!). Dr. McNamee was also the lead author for HC’s recently revised SC6 (2015), which now claims to apply to both thermal and NON-thermal EMF! [85]
Dr. Art Thansandote joined HC in 1991 and retired just recently, but, as “Scientist Emeritus” he maintains close contact with the HC’s Consumer and Clinical Protection Bureau. At HC he co-authored papers with Drs. Repacholi, Stuchly and McNamee – the latter of whom is or was also an ICES TC-95 Member – at least in 2008! Tellingly, Dr. Thansandote continues to function as Co-Chairman of the US Military’s strategically-vital ICES’ TC-95, SC-4, a position he has held since at least 2005! He remains a Member of IARC Advisory Committee for the WHO’s International EMF Project. [86] [87]
Prof. Daniel Krewski. Since 1998 has been the Director of the R. Samuel McLaughlin Centre for Population Risk Assessment at the University of Ottawa, which was founded and is funded by the cell phone industry. It has been said that Dr. Krewski’s salary, at least in part, is also paid by the cell phone industry. Previously, he had been the Director of Risk Management in HC’s Radiation Protection Bureau. As CBC Marketplace reported on November 25, 2003, while heading up Canada’s part of the IARC team researching possible harmful effects of cell phones, Canada was the only one of 13 countries participating in the study to accept money from the cell phone industry! The CBC Marketplace article also remarked on the fact that Dr. Krewski also Chairs the Wireless Information Resource Centre's scientific advisory group – which was founded and funded by the telecom industry! Moreover, Roger Poirier — the former head of the Canadian Wireless and Telecommunications Agency — administers CWTA’s web site. 2013 was not a good year for Dr. Krewski. He conceived that the Royal Society of Canada should conduct a Review of SC6. He nominated himself to be Chairman, and even proffered the names those scientists he wanted on his ‘independent’ Review Panel. It wasn’t long before he had to step down, as did at least one other scientist, due to conflicts-of-interest. Dr. Krewski has been a significant player over the years in both WHO and ICNIRP studies. [88] [89] [90] [91 see Page 6]

Within British Columbia, BC Hydro and Fortis BC have each seen fit to separately retain the services of the afore-mentioned Dr. William F. Bailey, of Exponent Inc., to defend them against any and all opposition to their corporate plans to rollout wireless ‘Smart’ Meters. Here one needs to recall that Dr. Bailey is a long-time colleague of Drs. Repacholi, Thansandote and McNamee; also that he has a long history with IEEE/ICES, and is a member of the U.S. Military’s omnipotent TC-95, along with HC’s former employee Dr. Art Thansandote. [Also 90] [92] [93] [94] [95] [96]

                  A Pivotal Player in Today’s Corruption in EMFs – RF and ELF

Dr. Michael Repacholi.  In 1977, HC’s SC6 Exposure Limits were established by industry-friendly Dr. Maria Stuchly assisted by her then subordinate, Michael Repacholi (who received his PhD in 1980).

In 1992, on leaving what was then Health and Welfare Canada, Dr. Repacholi moved to found ICNIRP, becoming its inaugural Chairman (He is now Chairman Emeritus), where he and Dr. Anders Ahlbom* collaborated to establish EMF Exposure Limits for ICNIRP. ICNIRP’s Guidelines proved to be very similar to those of SC6, which Dr. Maria Stuchly, assisted by Michael Repacholi, had developed for HC. (Note: In May, 2011, IARC was obliged to remove Dr. Ahlbom as Chairman of its working group, which it had formed to review the harmful effects of RF EMF on humans, when it was found out that he is a Director in his brother, Gunnar’s, telecom consulting firm.) [97] [98] [99

In 1996, the WHO established its 10-year (1996-2005), $250-million (USD) International EMF Project to evaluate the health effects from exposure to EMF in the range from 0 to 300 GHz. Dr. Michael Repacholi was appointed Co-ordinator of the project. It is important to note that once EMF Guidelines had been established for the WHO, all three agencies (HC, ICNIRP and, now, WHO) were then compatible with, if not similar to, those of the USA, which are determined by the US military-driven ICES TC-95, SC-4 (Co-Chaired then and today by HC’s own Dr. Art Thansandonte), whose findings are then adopted by FCC, who simply promulgates them to the world as if they were FCC’s own, independently-derived Guidelines. [100]

In 1996, a US federal court ruled that citizens may not sue electric utilities over EMFs! [101]

In 1999, then Health and Welfare Canada’s Dr. Art Thansandote, assisted by Dr. James McNamee and others, drafted SC6, which was reviewed by SC6’s original author, Dr. Maria Stuchly, of the University of Victoria (formerly Head of HC’s Radiation Protection Bureau, with Dr. Repacholi) and others. 
         “Precautionary Principle” – Definition: “When there is plausible scientific
         evidence of significant harm from a proposed or ongoing activity, preventive or
         corrective action should be taken to reduce or eliminate that risk of harm, despite
         residual scientific uncertainty about cause and effect relationships.”

In 2001, Dr. Michael Repacholi stated that, with regard to the EMF project: “Precautionary policies should not be applied to EMFs!” He recruited utility representatives to help write the original draft of the WHO document recommending exposure levels, and later asked them to review the completed draft. Dr. Repacholi invited eight utility representatives to attend task group meeting — the only observers who were invited. [102]

In 2001, the electric power industry’s research arm, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), announced that Dr. Leeka Kheifets, a former student and protégée of Dr. Repacholi, will take over day-to-day management of the WHO’s International EMF Project in early July. She will report to Dr. Michael Repacholi. [103]

In 2002, the WHO’s own research agency, IARC, classified ELF magnetic fields a Class 2B (“Possible”) carcinogen, yet today, WHO openly supports ICNIRP’s astonishingly high and extremely dangerous limits (see page two). (Note: Even for ELF EMFs, one must note that all Western-aligned agency ‘guidelines’ (HC, WHO and ICNIRP) are acceptable to the USA. For frequencies between 0 and 3 kHz, EMF Guidelines are determined by the US Army and US Air Force-led Sub-Committee 3 of TC95. These Guidelines too are adopted by FCC and promulgated to the world as their own. [104] [105]

In 2004, Dr. Repacholi advised national governments AGAINST setting stricter exposure limits for exposures to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) to protect children from leukemia! [Also 105]


In 2005, WHO convened a Task Group, headed by Dr. Michael Repacholi, to assess any risks to health that might exist from ELF electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) in the frequency range 0 to 100 kHz, and to develop ‘guidelines’ that would protect the public.  Note: “These guidelines are only designed to avoid immediate high level hazards and do not consider prolonged low-level exposures at all….. They are NOT intended to provide protection against possible cancer induction by continued exposure at the lower field levels implicated in the studies we have been considering at this workshop.”  (1 to 3 mG) [106]

Further to the above, Dr. Repacholi is documented as having invited power industry representatives to participate actively in setting public health standards for EMFs emitted by powerlines and transformers. It is important to note that this happened despite the fact that Dr. Repacholi said himself to a Senate Committee Inquiry that: “The WHO does not allow industry to participate in either standard setting or in health risk assessment. The WHO takes the view that there cannot be industry representation on standard setting working groups. There cannot be someone on the working group who is having an influence on health effects for an industry when they derive benefit from that industry.” [107] 

On July 5,  2005, it was published that Dr. Repacholi – while functioning as Coordinator of the WHO’s Radiation and Environmental Health Unit – admitted that he had received $150,000 annually directly from the cellular phone industry with additional money for meetings and travel! [107] 

Dr. Repacholi retired from the WHO in 2006, whereupon he became a consultant for the electric power Industry. [108]

Dr. Repacholi was also involved in a follow-up report on Chernobyl that apparently falsified death/disease statistics at the behest of the nuclear energy industry, which was set back by public concern due to the Chernobyl disaster. “The joint press release from the International Atomic Energy Agency, WHO and United Nations Development Program has sent shockwaves throughout the world and brought strong condemnation from physicians, environmental organizations, religious groups and even some political parties.” [109]

In 2007, Dr. Repacholi admitted that: “Half of the WHO EMF Project funding came from industry”! [109] 

Professor Olle Johansson of the Karolinska Institute, Sweden, one of the key referral institutions for the WHO, reported that at the Prague conference on electromagnetic sensitivity, Dr. Repacholi distributed disinformation about the acknowledgement of electrosensitivity by the Swedish government. [109]

Industrialized societies depend on electrification, and electric utilities constitute the cornerstone of all modern economies. They therefore have huge influence on senior governments. It is unfortunate but entirely understandable that Nicola Tesla, the inventor of alternating current (A/C) electricity, could not have foreseen that invisible EMFs would prove to be harmful to humans and all forms of life.

In conclusion, A/C electricity is the cornerstone of every economy, and electrical and electronic devices are everywhere – each and every one of which emits harmful EMFs at either RF and/or ELF (60 Hz) frequencies (not to mention ‘dirty electricity’). When viewed in conjunction with the profit-driven manufacturers of these often useful, invariably convenient and, in the case of Smart phones, truly addictive devices, this represents the largest and most powerful industry / interest group in the world - the electrical Industry! These huge corporations with their bottomless pockets exert enormous influence over R and D scientists, government regulatory agencies, politicians, the media and ultimately public opinion. Such is the control/influence of industry over governments everywhere today that the very future of mankind is now literally in jeopardy! Unless, somehow, the Canadian medical community can wake up and realize what is happening to them - and all Canadians - today’s emerging epidemics can only worsen and eventually will envelop the entire globe.


These are mind-boggling, incomprehensibly preposterous times to which we are all prisoners and none of us can escape, yet Canada’s medical community - and the entire general public - remain largely unaware of the hazards now threatening  them, nor do they realize that planet earth’s environment is being so terribly, possibly irretrievably polluted with invisible and undetectable toxic RF and ELF EMFs! In this writer’s opinion, it is inconceivable and downright criminal that Health Canada and the other corrupt regulatory agencies of the Western-aligned world stubbornly refuse to impose the Precautionary Principle in order to protect the citizens of the world! This is genocide! The fact that so few evil and twisted scientists can possibly inflict so much harm on so many willfully silent world governments – not to mention the entire defenseless population of the planet - simply boggles the mind! No person, no animal, no insect, no plant and no tree can escape EMF!  For the world to survive, EMF exposure limits have to be drastically reduced as soon as possible. Time is rapidly running out for us all!


James G. (“Jerry”) Flynn, Captain (Retired)
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